core strength exercises at home


glute strengthening exercises for seniors

We know that everyone has specific body shape goals

Therefore, Al-Aicona medical center in Abu Dhabi is designed with the best program range of non-surgical skincare, body shaping, and body sculpting, skin tightening, using the latest technology. According to your needs, to help you achieve the best results.

At Alicona, we understand that the slimming procedure is a personal decision our experts will work with you at every step of your journey, starting from shrinking fat, firming muscles, and removing body sculpting and cellulite with our affordable treatments.

Our services are:


For your sake to have the best weight loss and body sculpting experience, we are giving you a thumbnail for your free ride.

The prices depend on your treatment and how many treatments you need. A session is 350-700 AED, it’s different depending on what machine Al Aicona Slimming Center uses. For packages, 1000-5000 AED is the price range.

Our sessions vary between 30 minutes and 45 minutes depending on your treatment. 

Yes. Al Aicona Slimming Center provides various packages and discounts to accomodate many budgets. We offer a unique experience at affordable prices with high quality services.

Al Aicona Slimming Center insists on giving free sessions to its old customers who have been with us for such a long time as a show of gratitude as we hope they will continue with us and make it the first choice of premier weight loss center

core strength exercises at home


glute strengthening exercises for seniors
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